« Жизнь в ритме танго »

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Life in the rhythm of tango is a dramatic performance about the life and work of the outstanding Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla, who wrote tango and became the founder of new trends in tango: Tango Nuevo. Piazzolla’s life was full of women, traveling, and difficulties - as any other person’s life was. It was full of the most diverse music: from jazz to classical. The pinnacle of his work became his works in tango, which are still very popular nowadays. You can hear the famous "Libertango" in film "The North Bridge" by Jacques Rivette, "Frantic" by Roman Polanski, "The Tango Lesson" by Sally Potter.

"Assassin`s Tango" appears in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" movie.

Full name of the play: "Life in the rhythm of tango. Piazzolla - a musical portrait". This is the first performance of the series "Music Portraits" - about the life and work of great composers” performed by Maskam Rad Theatre. The second play of the series called "Red lover. Vivaldi - musical portrait" was presented in late 2018.

We tried to move away from a purely classical approach of drama performances by using choreographic elements and vocals, which are still performed by dramatic actors. There is going to be one more surprise for the audience - to achieve the effect of combining various types of art in dramatic performances and visualization of efficacy. Nevertheless, let it remain a mystery. "Life in the rhythm of tango. Piazzolla - a musical portrait" in English was presented the International Youth Theater Festival APOLLO
(Alba Iulia, Romania) in 2016. There is also a Spanish variant of the script - for a possible show in a Spanish-speaking country

Жанр: музыкальная комедия
Язык: английский
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